Life Near Donetsk Airport. Part 1
4 December, 2014

Hromadske along the front lines. Anastasia Stanko and Konstantin Reutski decided to take a drive along the imaginary lines between the Ukrainian Front troops and the militants of the DNR and LNR. The first place they went was the village of Pisky - a few kilometers from the Donetsk airport - the hot point of the Russian-Ukrainian war. On the other side of Pisky is Donetsk city which is occupied by DNR militants. Here in Pisky, there is no ceasefire since there has not been a single day that there was no firing. Silence falls only for a couple of hours a day here. This examines who is fighting in Pisky which is giving cover fire to the soldiers in Donetsk airport and who are staying in the village which is along the front lines and is seeing this so-called truce as an actual war. Part 1. OUN Battalion. The OUN Battalion has been in Pisky for several months now. They are fighting to keep it out of the hands of their opponents. They do not have advanced weaponry. And the soldiers are not officially listed. Most say they will leave the battlefield only after victory or death. There are other soldiers from other battalions who have joined up here - from Aidar and Donbas. They fight alongside the 93rd and 95th Brigade from the Dnipro-1 Battalion as well as the Volunteer Corps of the Right Sector.