Kyiv Mayor Reveals Exit Plan for Quarantine
28 April, 2020

Kyiv mayor Vitaliy Klychko has described the Ukrainian capital’s plan to weaken quarantine measures, during an online briefing on April 28.

Klychko explained that the plan his administration has developed involves a gradual weakening of quarantine measures, and not their sudden removal. The weakening will occurs in several stages, with the first scheduled for May 12, though the mayor noted that any dates will depend on the coronavirus infection rate.

The first stage will allow the following to come back into service:

  • Non-grocery stores with a total floor plan of 300 sq m, though no more than 1 customer per 10 meters may be allowed in. All necessary sanitary measures must be completed twice a day.

  • Beauty salons and hairdressers, but only with prior scheduling and only one customer can receive a single service at a time. Sanitary measures and UV sterilization must be done following each customer.

  • Cafes and restaurants: only for take-out, with all necessary sanitary measures twice a day.

  • Temporary buildings (kiosks): eating or drinking near the kiosk remains banned.

  • Small manufacturing operations and domestic services (such as tailors, cleaners): No more than a single employee per 10 sq m, and no more than one customer per 10 sq m.

  • Law firms, notary agencies, auditor bureaus: No more than a single office occupant per 10 sq m.

  • Parks and squares: Groups of no more than two are allowed, or two adults and two children.

  • Drive-in movie theaters.

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