Kyiv Court Reinstates Suprun as Ukraine’s Acting Health Minister
14 February, 2019

The Kyiv District Administrative Court has reversed the temporary suspension on acting Health Minister Ulana Suprun. She is now able to continue fulfilling her ministerial duties.

The decision was taken on the court’s own initiative, and not due to the appeal from the government.

After the hearing, Suprun noted that the court did not take her arguments into consideration when they demanded the cancellation of her suspension. She added that she has already returned to her work as acting Health Minister.  

Suprun was banned from performing her ministerial duties on February 5, due to a lawsuit against her filed by Radical Party MP Ihor Mosiychuk, who claimed that the acting Health Minister was incompetent and unable to fulfil the role.

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Although the ban has now been reversed, the court will continue to consider Mosiychuk’s claim on February 14.

Suprun is seen as one of the Ukrainian parliament’s most fervent supporters of reform and her suspension caused concern among Ukraine’s international partners and civil society.

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