Kyiv Calls for the Decriminalisation of Marijuana
23 May, 2017

Around 200 people rallied in the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv on May 20 with a demand to decriminalise marijuana.

Protesters gathered at the Ukrainian government headquarters calling to cancel an article of the criminal code that outlaws possession of cannabis.

The crowd held posters with “Freedom, equality, decriminalisation,” and “Weed heals” slogans on them.

“We demand that this article be decriminalised so that the police are finally able to deal with more serious crimes and not get caught up with minor offenses,” said one the organisers of the demonstration.

The protesters also released green balloons into the air, symbolising all those previously convicted for possession of marijuana.

“Let’s release all these people and give people the opportunity to choose to relieve their stress with weed,” said Pavlo, one of the participants of the demonstration.

Last year Ukrainian authorities arrested a record low number of people selling drugs - 729. At the same time, local courts issued 5069 criminal sentences for the minor offense of possession of illegal substances without intent to sell.

Photo credit: Jovan/Hromadske