Kyiv Activists Ask for Support in Fighting for Ukrainians Kidnapped by Russia
11 May, 2017

Activists rallied in downtown Kyiv in support of Ukrainian director Oleg Sentsov, kidnapped and imprisoned by Russia exactly three years ago. Occupation authorities in annexed Crimea arrested Sentsov on May 11, 2014.

Photo credit: Yevhen Spiriv/ HROMADSKE

Approximately 50 organizers and activists handed out leaflets to passerby with the hashtag "It's time to let go" and informed them about Sentsov's case.

Civil society organization "EuromaidanSOS" also launched an online flashmob in support of Sentsov and other defendants detained in the case of the "Crimean Four" charged with "terrorist activities".

The organizers of the campaign "LetMyPeopleGo" reported on the case on Facebook. According to their website, 44 Ukrainian political prisoners remain imprisoned in Russia and only six have been released.

Earlier, Hromadske reported that for the third anniversary of Sentsov's arrest, the American PEN Center has launched a campaign for his release.