Killed Defense Intelligence Officer Was "The First Donetsk Cyborg"
28 June, 2017
Photo: Inna Sokolovska, UNIAN

Maxym Shapoval, who died as a result of a car explosion in Kyiv on June 27, was the commanding officer of the first group of elite forces of Defense Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense. The activity of the unit is kept secret.

“Information has been closed since today. He [Maxym Shapoval - ed.] was the commander of the first group of elite forces, which liberated the Donetsk Airport. He is the first Ukrainian cyborg,” says the military Prosecutor General, Anatoliy Matios.

Cyborgs - Ukrainian soldiers who were holed up inside Donetsk Airport in occupied eastern Ukraine. The airport became a symbol of Ukraine's fight against separatists, and the "cyborgs" are the Ukrainians who held on despite the persistent rebel attack.

Hromadske’s sources in law enforcement say that Shapoval’s death could be connected to his investigative activity in Donbas.

Photo: Inna Sokolovska, UNIAN

“Most probably, it was revenge for his recon mission, which employees of Defense Intelligence conducted in occupied Luhansk,” says the source.

The source also confirmed that one of the Shapoval’s subordinates was the guard of Russian politician, Denys Voronenkov, who was shot in Kyiv in March.

Maxym Shapoval, 39, died on June 27 in Kyiv, when an explosive device went off in the official car he was in.

Maxym Shapoval

This was announced on the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense website.

“The National Police, rescue workers, explosive and forensic experts are working on site. The event is being classed as a terrorist attack. All the circumstances of the tragedy are currently being established”.

The investigation into attack considers a 'Russian trace' to be their main lead, according to the military Prosecutor General, Anatoliy Matios, writes Interfax-Ukraine. "The main lead in the attack is the fact there is a Russian trace. We will try to comment on other details when possible," he said in a press conference.

Two more people were injured - a girl (born 1990) and an elderly man.