Journalist Beaten in Ukraine’s Cherkasy Dies After Coma
20 June, 2019
Vadym Komarov Facebook

Vadym Komarov, the Ukrainian journalist who was beaten on May 4 in the central Ukrainian city of Cherkasy, has died following more than a month in a state of coma.

This was reported by the Head of National Journalist Union of Ukraine Sergiy Tomilenko.

“Following the attack, Vadym was unconscious, in a coma,” Tomilenko wrote on Facebook. “The only plausible reason for the assassination attempt – that is now a murder – the journalists in Cherkasy consider is the professional activity of Vadym Komarov.”

Komarov, among other topics, wrote about embezzlement of state funds, illegal construction and corruption within the Cherkasy city council. 

“He made many politicians uncomfortable. He asked tricky questions about corruption in Cherkasy, he covered high-profile cases,” Tomilenko wrote about the late journalist.

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Tomilenko emphasized that “physical aggression against journalists in Ukraine is on the rise”.

Vadym Komarov was beaten in central Cherkasy on May 4. He was immediately taken to intensive care for head injuries.

Back in 2016, there was another assassination attempt against him. Someone attempted to shoot Komarov.