Johnson insists on arming Ukraine, Armed Forces hit Russian missile system on Snake Island: last night's highlights
23 June, 2022

The Ukrainian military has hit a Russian missile system on Snake Island, Johnson is pushing for military aid to Ukraine for a counteroffensive, and Scholz wants to discuss a "Marshall Plan for Ukraine." Here is what you may have missed from the previous night.

The Russians are collecting reserves for Severodonetsk

The Russians continue to draw reserves to Severodonetsk and in the direction of Toshkivka — Zolote. At the same time, the occupiers refused to ford the Siverskyi Donets River for fear of heavy losses and focused on other areas, according to the head of the Luhansk Regional State Administration Serhiy Hayday.

Commenting on the situation in Severodonetsk itself, HAyday refuted the occupiers' claims that they completely controlled the city. "Fighting is still going on there. Yes, in a small part of the city, but the city is not completely controlled by the Russian army," he said.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces hit the Russian missile system in Zmiiny

Ukrainian defenders on the southern front killed 20 occupiers on June 22. The Armed Forces of Ukraine are continuing a military operation to destroy the forces and means of the occupiers on Snake Island, where they hit the Russian anti-aircraft missile and artillery system "Pantsir-C1".

Operational Command South reported the loss of occupiers in the south on June 22: 20 soldiers, one self-propelled howitzer "Msta-C", one towing unit, four vehicles, and two ammunition depots in the mostly occupied Kherson Oblast.

Poland wants to help rebuild Ukraine's merchant fleet

Representatives of the Polish shipbuilding industry want to cooperate with Ukrainian colleagues and help rebuild Ukraine's merchant fleet.

"Poland's shipbuilding industry proposes to create permanent Polish-Ukrainian working groups, where we would discuss the construction of ships for Ukraine, the restoration of the merchant fleet," said the head of the shipyard Crist, Tadeusz Kopowski.

Scholz wants to discuss "Marshall Plan for Ukraine"

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has said he wants to discuss the Marshall Plan for Ukraine with G7 leaders at a forthcoming summit. Scholz sees no prospects in the talks between Ukraine and Russia, as Russian President Vladimir Putin still believes in the possibility of a "dictated peace."

"Ukraine and only Ukraine decides what suits it. Nothing about Ukraine without Ukraine! We are far from negotiations, because Putin believes in a dictated peace," Scholz wrote on Twitter.

Johnson insists on military aid to Ukraine

According to British intelligence, the pace of Russia's offensive in the war against Ukraine will slow in the coming months as the Russian army runs out of resources. However, Ukraine needs help with counter-offensive weapons to "reverse the dynamic".

This was stated by the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson in an interview with a group of European publications, writes Reuters.

Seven civilians die in Kharkiv Oblast

On June 22, Russian occupation forces continued to fire on residential areas of Kharkiv and settlements in the region. As a result, seven civilians were killed and 10 others were injured in one day.

A freight car derailed in Lviv Oblast

A freight car derailed at the Zadvirya-Krasne section in the Lviv Oblast. As a result, 12 passenger trains may be delayed.