Joe Biden's speech in Ukraine: 'I hope new administration shows as much support'
17 January, 2017

Joe Biden's quotes from his speech in Kyiv in January, 2017:

“We will not recognize spheres of influence by any country. Sovereign states are entitled to their own decisions and to choose alliances at will.”

“Together with our partners in the EU and in The Big Seven, we have made it clear that sanctions will remain until Russia completely makes sure its obligations under the Minsk agreements are completed.”

“The political component of the Minsk agreements cannot be implemented until Russian enforcement actions are stopped. Only when Russia and its controlled entities cease hostilities, and the Donbas is peaceful and secure, can we expect an implementation of political commitments from Ukraine.”

The January 20th position of the President of the United States is embraced by Donald Trump. For Ukraine, this means the end, or at least a four-year break in relations with Joseph Biden, one of its most significant global advocates, who must leave his office.

For some time, uncertainty will prevail, because we do not yet known who the new presidential administration will appoint to the Ukrainian portfolio, and whether the U.S will allocate time for Ukraine among many other pressing problems.

So far, in the history of independent Ukraine, Kyiv has not had many friends and critics on such a level. One other prominent supporter is European Council President Donald Tusk. In the case of Biden, of great importance is his personal friendship with Ukrainian President, Petro Poroshenko