Ion Chicu Becomes Moldova's New PM
14 November, 2019
The Moldovan Parliament has voted for a new government with ex-finance minister, Ion Chicu, heading it. 62 MPs voted in favor of the new government.

Besides the candidacy of Chicu, Sergiu Puşcuţă was appointed as the country's vice prime-minister, Alexandru Flenchea as the vice prime-minister for reintegration, Anatol Usatîi as economy minister, Pavel Voicu as interior minister, Fadei Nagacevschi as justice minister, Victor Gaiciuc as defense minister, among others. 

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The candidacy of Chicu was proposed by the President of Moldova, Igor Dodon, on November 13. Six of the 11 new ministers, including Chicu, previously advised Dodon. 

This comes two days after Moldovan Parliament supported the Socialist Party's initiative to file a no-confidence vote to the government that has been in office since June 2019 after the pro-European ACUM Bloc and pro-Russian Socialist Party (PSRM) united against the country's richest man, Vlad Plahotniuc and his Democratic Party, who had usurped all branches of power.

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