Increased repression in Enerhodar, help from Germany, Armed Forces' success in the south: the last night’s highlights
7 September, 2022
Intelligence says, the occupiers are increasing the filtering and repression of the local population in Enerhodar; Germany provided Ukraine with the first COBRA artillery detection radar system and five more Gepard SPAAGs; the Armed Forces in the south destroyed more than 80 invaders and their hardware. Here is what you may have missed from the previous night.

Increased repression in Enerhodar

In temporarily occupied Enerhodar, Zaporizhzhia Oblast, the Russian occupiers are increasing filtering measures and repression against the local population. According to Ukrainian intelligence, the occupation authorities have not been able to achieve a minimum level of loyalty and widely use oppression, kidnapping, and blackmail.

As reported by intelligence, an additional special unit of the Russian Guard arrived in the city to carry out filtering. With the help of collaborators, the Russians draw up lists of “unreliable people”, which include former servicemen, veterans of the war in Donbas, law enforcers, activists, and citizens with a pro-Ukrainian position.

Success of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the south

On September 6, the aviation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine carried out 13 strikes on the southern front, and Ukrainian missile and artillery units carried out more than 250 fire missions. During the day, the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed 83 Russians, as reported by the OC South.

As confirmed by the OC South, the Russian occupying forces in the south of the country lost:

  • 5 tanks;
  • 12 Msta-B and Msta-S howitzers
  • three Giatsint-B field guns,
  • three armored vehicles;
  • three ammunition depots in Gola Prystan, Tomyna Balka, and Snihurivka.

Help from Germany

In the last week, Ukraine received the first COBRA radar system and five Gepard anti-aircraft self-propelled artillery installations from Germany. This is stated in a message on the German government’s website.

As Militarnyi notes, the COBRA radar system is considered the world's most advanced ground-based weapon detection system. It was developed for the armed forces of Germany, France, and Great Britain. Cobra aims to detect mortars, rocket launchers, and artillery batteries.

FC Shakhtar’s victory

Shakhtar Football Club started the Champions League season with a crushing victory over German club, Red Bull Leipzig — 4:1. This is the first victory for Ukraine in the Champions League in the last two seasons.

Latvia’s assistance in reconstruction

On September 6, the Latvian government approved the “Latvia's involvement in the reconstruction of Ukraine” information report, which was prepared by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country. Thus, Latvia will allocate 5 million euros to help in the reconstruction of Chernihiv Oblast.

Ukrainian counteroffensive

The US Ministry of Defense has information that Ukrainian troops in Kherson Oblast continue to advance and liberate some settlements. It is also noted that “some offensive activity” by Russia near Bakhmut was observed.