Meet Hromadske’s New CEO
12 January, 2016


Katya Gorchinskaya, a prominent Ukrainian journalist and media manager has been elected as new Chief Executive Officer for the Hromadske network.

Gorchinckaya worked as Deputy Editor-in-Chief at The Kyiv Post, she was running an investigation unit at Radio Liberty/Radio Free Europe, co-founded the internationally-known ‘Yanukovych Leaks’ project.   She also worked for The Wall Street Journal, Guardian as a correspondent. Gorchinskaya has also a strong business background herself.   

‘This appointment is one of the major steps in transforming from ‘The Maidan’s broadcaster’ of the revolutionary times to a speaker of the new Ukrainian society. It also will help us to strengthen our positions as the region’s bulwark of high-quality independent journalism,’ Nataliya Gumenyuk, Hromadske’s head says.

The contest for the Hromadske CEO position started in October 2015. More than 200 applicants submitted their CVs. After a preliminary interview, the Hromadske’s Program Board (collegial executive of the network) recommended four candidates for consideration to the Supervisory Board (supervisory committee of the network). Gorchinskaya’s solid professional skills, wel-known reputation and valuable experience in local media market convinced the Supervisory Board to make a decision in her favor.

The role of Hromadske CEO is to implement approved strategies of the organization and follow the mission of, which is creating an informational space to enable the development of the sustainable democratic societies in the region. 

As for the duties, CEO is responsible for the operational activity of the organization, daily management, representation in state authorities and other organizations, performing any legal actions on behalf of the organization, cooperation with Supervisory Board. is the biggest crowdfunded news-platform in Eastern and Central Europe. It was launched during first days of the Maidan Revolution in Ukraine and is being run by journalists themselves, without ties to the state or private sector. With the launch of  Hromadske International, an international broadcast platform in 2014, now network broadcasts in Ukrainian, Russian and English and reaches vast digital audience every day inside and outside of Ukraine.