How Far Has Ukraine Come On Women’s Rights
14 March, 2018

Thousands of people marched across Ukrainian cities last Thursday to mark International Women’s Day.

The public holiday in Ukraine has been traditionally marked by gifts and flowers, but many are now looking to step out of the shadows of Soviet Era-esque celebrations in favour of rallying for women’s rights.

Participants demanded greater measures for combating domestic violence, equal pay and equal opportunities during the rallies. But in many cities these calls to end violence against women were met with opposition and attacks from right-wing extremists. Amnesty International Ukraine media and communication officer Maria Guryeva said a number of participants were injured during the rallies.

Nadiya Chushak, a feminist activist and researcher, said while the feminist movement was growing in Ukraine, so was the conservative movement.

Hromadske spoke to Chushak and Guryeva  about the state of women’s rights in Ukraine.

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