Halloween In Kyiv: Teddy Bears, Candy, And A Femen
1 November, 2017

Photo credit: Facebook/Femen Ukraine

For many men, a topless woman in front of a candy shop might sound like a dream come true but for Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, it was probably more of a nightmare.

On the evening of October 31, when a lot of people around the world celebrate Halloween, an activist from Ukrainian women’s rights group Femen set fire to two teddy bear sculptures erected in front of the Roshen candy shop in Kyiv, the confectionery company founded and owned by Poroshenko.

She then posed for photographs with the phrase "sweets or impeachment," a take on Halloween’s "trick or treat," written over her chest and back area.

According to the official website of the organization, the protest action is dedicated to "the greediness of the President of Ukraine, who, even under the fear of political death, is not ready to share his sweets."

“While plush family from Vinnytsia (Ukrainian town where Poroshenko comes from) continues to accumulate subcutaneous fat for the winter, the people of Ukraine suck their bony paw,” the website reads.

/By Maria Romanenko