Government Cancels Proposed Labor Reform
6 March, 2020
People protest against the labor reform in Kyiv, Ukraine on January 15. Vladyslav Kudryk / hromadske

The government has canceled draft bill 2708, better known as labor reform, according to the bill’s listing on the parliamentary website. 

The bill would have completely re-organized labour relations in the country, removing barriers for firing workers in Ukraine, and would have introduced the concept of "at-will employment" to Ukrainian legal norms.

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The cancellation follows a lawsuit initiated by the Federation of Trade Unions of Ukraine in January which called for the bill’s cancellation. Ukrainian unions had unequivocally stepped out across the bill, with many labour representatives and trade unionists noting that the bill would have significant consequences for union influence and bargaining ability.

It is currently not known if a replacement reform will be proposed – one of the key backers of the bill, Tymofiy Mylovanov, formerly the Minister of Economic Development, has had a portfolio change to only the Ministry of Agriculture, while the Ministry for Economic Development currently has a ministerial vacancy.