Get Ready for Restaurants and Museums: Ukraine’s Cabinet Eases Quarantine Restrictions From May 11
8 May, 2020
Allowing the operation of restaurants' outdoor terraces is among the latest quarantine relaxations introduced in Ukraine. Unsplash

The Cabinet of Ministers has promulgated a resolution passed on May 4 to extend quarantine in Ukraine until May 22, with the introduction of certain relaxations as early as May 11.

The document was published on the official website.

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According to the resolution, Ukraine will allow public catering establishments to work in the open air (summer terraces), but provided that the tables there will be placed at a distance of at least one and a half meters from each other. No more than two clients can be accommodated at one table of the institution, excluding children under 14.

Children's and sports grounds will also be opened, as well as dental clinics, museums, historical and cultural reserves.

In addition, the government has allowed functioning of enterprises and institutions that provide research and training for athletes of national teams, as well as the activities of psychologists, lawyers, notaries and auditors.

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Enterprises in the field of mass media, in particular press outlets, printing houses, editorial offices, logistics enterprises in the field of paper delivery and printed publications, can also start operating from May 11. 

On top of that it will be possible to shoot movies with a limited number of up to 50 people, as well as to hold in theaters, circuses, concert organizations, art groups, training and other events that do not involve the simultaneous presence of more than 50 people and without spectators.

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