Germany To Push for Expanded Russia Sanctions After Turbine Fiasco
25 July, 2017

Germany is calling on the European Union to widen sanctions against Russia after the country sent Siemens turbines to the occupied Crimean peninsula against the company’s will.

If the EU agrees, four individuals and several companies could be added to the sanctions list, Reuters reported, citing sources in the European Commission.

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According to the news agency, a high-placed diplomatic source stated that the sanctions could be widened to include Russian officials from the Energy Ministry and the Russian company that sent the turbines to the Crimean peninsula.

The Tekhnopromeksport company – a subsidiary of Russian state technology corporation Rostec – delivered the turbines to Crimea. Interautomatika, a company in which Siemens holds a 46 percent stake, handled their installation.

The EU will discuss this issue in Brussels on July 26, Reuters reported.

Earlier, the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that the turbines issue had damaged Berlin’s relations with Russia.

Siemens has stated that it delivered the four gas turbines for usage in Taman in Russia’s Krasnodar region. The turbines were then illegally transported to Crimea, the company says.

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On July 7, Siemens began investigating whether Russia had transferred its turbines to Crimea.

On July 21, the company announced that it would halt sales of turbines to Russian state entities. The company also announced it would sell its stake in Interautomatika

That same day, Germany’s WirtschaftsWoche reported that Putin himself promised Germany not to move the Siemens turbines to Crimea.

//Translated and adapted by Gaby Kourkov

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