Front Line Hospital in Eastern Ukraine
9 January, 2015

The Novoaidar District Hospital - north of the city of Luhansk is the closest medical facility to the front lines. Wounded residents and soldiers are brought here from the front line villages and this is where the Ukrainian military receives it's primary care. Two women from the village of Trokhizbenka are the hospital - both victims of militant shelling. Both are amputees, one woman also has multiple shrapnel wounds in the abdomen and face. The Novoaidar surgeons saved their lives but both need lengthy treatment and rehabilitation, which cannot be provided for these victims in this hospital. The head of the surgical department in the Novoaidar District Hospital told Hromadske about the statistics of victims of the conflict, the how they are treated and the problems with medical institutions. Hromadske also spoke with one of the victims from Triokhizbenka.