Former Top Investigator to Run in Ukraine's 2019 Elections
20 January, 2019

Former investigative journalist Dmytro Gnap speaks to Hromadske during an interview in June 2018. Photo credit: Hromadske

Ukraine can boast potential presidential candidates of all shapes and variants for 2019. A comedian Volodymyr Zelensky whose Russian business was exposed in a recent investigation, communist Petro Symonenko who’s seeking to register despite the ban on the Communist party, and even a single 47-year-old man Igor Shevchenko whose presidential campaign involves a bid to find a “young and beautiful wife.” Now this race is joined by another fresh face – former investigative journalist Dmytro Gnap.

His candidacy was put forward by the Power of People political party in a 86-6 vote during a session in Kyiv on January 20. However, Gnap himself has said that he is "ready to give up his [presidential] ambitions" in favor of a "democratic candidate, if that candidate appears" calling on the Power of People party to appeal to presidential candidates Andriy Sadovyi and Anatoliy Hrytsenko, as well as rock star with political ambitions Sviatoslav Vakarchuk to unite. 

This comes seven months after Gnap declared on his Facebook and in comments to Hromadske that he is quitting journalism in favor of politics.

"I will definitely take part in the parliamentary election," Gnap said in a Facebook video published on June 25. "With regards to the presidential [election], I'm calling for all democratic politicians to hold a primary [election] where the best and most deserving candidate will be elected. I am happy to take part in this primary. Despite the fact that this idea seems absolutely crazy to me. But it's only the crazy idea that are truly capable of changing the world."  

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If elected, Gnap could become the first Ukrainian president to openly support LGBT rights. He is also a self-declared atheist.

To run in the elections, Gnap will need 2.5 million hryvnia (around $89,400), which he is hoping to raise through a crowdfunding campaign.

/By Maria Romanenko