First Coronavirus Death in Ukraine Reported
13 March, 2020

A 71-year-old woman who was earlier diagnosed with the coronavirus has died in the Zhytomyr region. This was reported by the Ukrainian Ministry of Healthcare.

The relatives and people who came in contact with the woman are all being observed by doctors, the ministry added.

According to Zhytomyr's regional state administration, the woman returned from Poland to Ukraine on March 1. She felt poorly on March 3 but did not call for medical help. The woman carried on living her life as normal and even attended a church on March 8.

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She was one of the two latest reported cases of coronavirus in Ukraine. The first person to have tested positive was a man from Chernivtsi in western Ukraine.

People in the 70s are in the second biggest risk group with regards to the complications of the coronavirus disease. According to the estimates projected by Ukraine's National Security and Defense Council, there's a 13.5% chance of contracting the disease for people of the age 80 or over, 7.8% chance for those of 70-79 years old, Ukrainians in their 60s have a 3.4% chance, 50-59 year olds – 1.3%, 40-49 year olds – 0.3%, and those between the age of 10 and 39 have a 0.2% chance.

Earlier on March 13, Ukraine announced that it will be closing its borders for foreigners that don't have residency rights in Ukraine. As of March 12, all of Ukraine is under coronavirus restrictions.

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