Europol fears supplied weapons may fall into the hands of criminals after war in Ukraine ends
29 May, 2022

The European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Cooperation (Europol) is concerned that the weapons currently supplied to Ukraine from the European Union as military aid to counter Russia may fall into the wrong hands in the future, Europol President Catherine De Bolle told the German newspaper Die Welt am Sonntag.

The official is worried about where the weapons transferred to Ukraine will end up after the war. She is especially afraid of a repeat of the end of the wars in the Balkans.

"We want to prevent a situation like 30 years ago during the Balkan War. The weapons of that war are still used by criminal groups today," she said.

Therefore, Europol will allegedly create a special international working group to deal with this issue.

De Bolle also noted that Europol monitors the situation in Ukraine at various levels on a daily basis. One of them is cybercrime.

"We notice that the number of DDoS attacks is growing in different [EU] member states. At the beginning of the war, we thought that we should expect a major attack that would threaten all member states and their governments at once," the official said.

That is why Europol has launched an EU Cyber ​​Crisis Response Protocol, which it is developing together with EU member states. Now, all countries allegedly know what to do in case of attacks.