EU to Join Investigation of Abuse on the Part of Akhmetov’s DTEK
4 March, 2020

The European Energy Community has joined the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine's investigation of DTEK Zakhidenergo, owned by Ukrainian oligarch Rinat Akhmetov.

This was reported by the press service of the Energy Community.

The investigations concern the abuse of the electricity supply market in western Ukraine by DTEK Zakhidenergo, in particular on the so-called Burshtyn Island. It is the only part of the Ukrainian grid that is integrated into the E.U. grid and can import and export electricity to the European Union.

“Allegedly, DTEK is considerably cutting imports of electricity from Slovakia to Burshtyn Island by not utilizing the cross-border transmission capacities assigned to it. It thereby creates shortages of electricity available for sale on the day-ahead market, while at the same time offering more electricity on the balancing market, where prices are higher,” the Energy Community reports.

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The Ukrainian Antimonopoly Committee opened a case against DTEK Zakhidenergo, which operates the only thermal power plant at Burshtyn Island, in October 2019. The company is suspected of abusing the electricity market.

DTEK Zakhidenergo dismisses the accusations of the Antimonopoly Committee.