Ecumenical Patriarch Confirms Tomos for Ukrainian Orthodox Church
19 November, 2018

The Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople has reaffirmed its decision to grant the Ukrainian Orthodox Church a Tomos of Autocephaly, according to a statement from the Chief Secretariat of the Holy and Sacred Synod.

The Holy and Sacred Synod will meet on November 27-29, where they will approve the text of the Tomos that will allow for the creation of a single independent Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

The statement adds that a concrete date for the announcement of Tomos will be set “within December.”

Meanwhile, the united bishop’s council of Ukraine will also convene in Kyiv in early December in order to elect a head of the forthcoming Ukrainian Orthodox Church, parliament speaker Andriy Parubiy stated during a meeting of the Conciliation Council. The Tomos of Autocephaly will be handed to whoever is chosen.

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