Dmytrivka After
4 December, 2014

At night of the third to the fourth September the Ukrainian military camp in the village Dmytrivka (Lugansk region) was shot by missiles from Russian multiple rocket launchers “Smerch”. At this day the staff and armored hardware, relocated from positions on the outskirts of Lugansk were gathered in the village. The first tank brigade, 12th and 22nd battalions of territorial defense were located here. During few hours the fire was carried on precisely with some small breaks. The military suppose that their positions were fired from Russian territory bordering with Stanichno-Lugansk region. Most of the equipment relocated to Dmytrivka - tanks, armored hardware, installations “Grad” - was destroyed. There are also killed and wounded people of the staff. Because of the fire in the tank crew member camp one unit of fire exploded in the broken bodies of trucks. According to local residents’ reports, the shells were exploding during about 12 hours - up to 4 pm of the next day. There are no victims among local residences, but because of explosions some houses of the village were hit, a few calves and a horse were killed. The military, who have survived the fire say that such a powerful weapon the enemy has used for the first time. Some of them believe that the command has committed a crime while gathering such a large amount of equipment in one base camp and making them to a target for enemy artillery. Commanders do not think so - they blame poor coordination and lack of clear orders of the high command: divergent parts returned to the place from what they came to the fighting positions two months ago. Locals still find splinters and unexploded shells on their plots and do not believe that the shelling will not be repeated. The military regroup, restore equipment, which still can be restored and prepare for the new missions.

/Konstantin Reutskiy