Disengagement in Donbas: Special Report from Zolote Village
20 October, 2019

The protagonist of the symbolic "Last Checkpoint" rally in Zolote is the leader of the Azov movement. It was his idea to organize a demonstration against the Steinmeier formula near the frontline in the Donbas. Since the next point where troop disengagement is planned are the villages of Zolote and Petrivske, Andriy Biletskyi even moved to the Luhansk region. In between the calls to join the "anti-capitulation movement", he goes to Kyiv for political TV shows, where he tells how wretched residents of Katerynivka and Zolote are, how they vegetate without police, ambulance, and how people don't see bread for months.

When the protest at the entry-exit checkpoint ended, the military invited Hromadske to find out how the frontline residents actually live. Watch Bohdan Kutiepov’s special report from the Donbas.