Director of Ukraine’s Investigation Bureau Proposes Repeal of Amnesty for Euromaidan Participants
20 February, 2020

Irina Venediktova, the Interim Director of the Ukrainian State Bureau of Investigation (SBI), noted that in order to honestly and fairly investigate the crimes committed during the Euromaidan protests in Kyiv in 2013-2014, the 2014 law on non-prosecution for Euromaidan participants should be repealed.

Venediktova said this in an interview with

Venediktova believes that this law contradicts the Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine and prevents an objective investigation of the murders of the law enforcement officers. 13 security officers were killed during the protests.

“If we want a fair and honest investigation, this law must be repealed,” Venediktova said.

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The SBI Director also mentioned that Bureau has developed a bill on an in absentia conviction and sent it to heads of all factions and the chairman of the parliamentary Law Enforcement Committee, Denys Monastyrskiy.

“I understand that this initiative will not be supported by a wide range of people, because the in absentia conviction will affect everyone. But without this, it is impossible to move on [in Maidan cases],” Venediktova stated.

A total of 89 criminal proceedings, roughly combined into one comprehensive Maidan case, are investigating the murders of 97 people during the Euromaidan period. The SBI, which was set up in November 2018, has already taken over 47 criminal proceedings from Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine, who are no longer investigating the cases.

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