Defeating Corruption: Peru's Successful Case | Beyond East and West
15 May, 2020

Four presidents sent to jail because of corruption, the daughter of one of them became an opposition leader. But even she is accused of fraud.

This is the recent history of Peru. There, in the 1990s, now ex-president Alberto Fujimori took control of the country, enriching himself and bribing political opponents. However, the prosecutor he appointed turned out to be independent and launched a successful investigation against the country's leader.

The joint hromadske and LSE research project "Beyond East and West" sets out to explore Ukrainians' attitudes to history: in this case we look at the international experience of fighting corruption. How does it work, under what conditions, and what is needed for this fight?

Why, even if new generations of politicians turn out to be unscrupulous, this doesn't mean everything was in vain?