Crisis in Moldova: Oligarch Plahotniuc's Democratic Party Gives Up Power
14 June, 2019

The Democratic Party of Moldova (PDM), led by oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc, has abandoned the power in Moldova, "to break the political deadlock in the country". This has been reported by the Moldovan outlet NewsMaker.

At a briefing on June 14, a representative of the Democratic Party, Vladimir Cebotari said that the government of Prime Minister Paul Filip, appointed on June 9 as the head of government by the Constitutional Court, which is controlled by Plahotniuc, resigned. This was announced following the national political council held by the PDM.

PDM's vice-chairman Cebotari also added that it was a "sign that the party was not trying to hold onto power [at any cost]."

At the same time, Cebotari said that this step would not solve the problem of obstruction of the work of state institutions and it is now up to the opposing coalition of the pro-Moscow Socialist Party and pro-European ACUM to deal with the problem. He also mentioned that the current government led by PM Maia Sandu is "illegitimate" as long as the Constitutional Court ruling stands. Thus, Cebotari believes "its orders cannot be fulfilled by the public services".

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However, at the same time, Plahotniuc's party does not renounce the idea of ​​early parliamentary elections.

"This is necessary in order for the new government to be legitimate," said the representative of the party.

He added that the Democratic Party remains the only force that "is ready to work effectively in the interests of [Moldova’s] citizens." The Party promised to open up its further plans later.

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