Chernobyl Accident. Secret | For East and West
6 February, 2020

How did the censorship work after the Chernobyl accident? What exactly was classified? Sergey Parashyn, a party secretary and deputy director at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant explained why, despite the threat of radiation, a May Day demonstration was held and why, in his opinion, the discovery of information was one of the reasons for the collapse of the USSR.

Tetyana Larina who worked as a scientific observer for the Radio-Telegraphic Agency of Ukraine (RATU, now Ukrinform) and covered the Chernobyl NPP topic long before the accident, speaks about her work in the reactor area immediately after the disaster and tells how little was really known about the radiation pollution at that time.

Watch the new video of joint hromadske and LSE research project "For East and West" about the Ukrainians’ attitude to history.

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