Charitable Foundation Come Back Alive purchased 300 Latvian Atlas drones for Ukrainian Army
8 July, 2022
Atlas Drone Charitable Foundation Come Back Alive

The Ukrainian Charitable Foundation Come Back Alive purchased 300 Atlas military drones from the Latvian manufacturer for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This is the first mass purchase of drones specially designed for the military's needs in the foundation's history.

The foundation bought 100 Atlas complexes for €5 million. These complexes include three hundred drones, tablets, and radio repeaters.

Atlas Drone. Photo: Charitable Foundation Come Back Alive

The foundation says that Atlas drones are used for reconnaissance and adjusting artillery fire and also have secure communication channels. Ukrainian media outlet Militarnyi which covers the military industry, explains that such complexes conduct reconnaissance in real-time and can work under both simple and difficult meteorological conditions as these drones were produced specifically for military needs.

The first Atlas complexes are already working at the front and helping the Ukrainian Special Operations Forces. Come Back Alive Foundation promises to publish details about drone production, information about the training of Ukrainian instructors in Latvia, and a training video on how to use Atlas for aerial scouts in the near future.

How to help the foundation?

Since February 24, the Come Back Alive Foundation has collected more than 3.6 billion hryvnias (approx. $122 million) for the Armed Forces and millions of dollars in cryptocurrency. You can donate to help Ukrainian defenders here.