Timothy Snyder: The Challenges and Consequences of the U.S. Presidential Election
5 November, 2016

The lead up to the 2016 U.S. Presidential Elections has been nothing but extraordinary. Both the Republican and Democratic parties have led what many analysts have described as the dirtiest campaigns in history ahead of the November 8 vote. If Hillary Clinton wins, it's expected this presidential contest will be the last time where the whole issue of identity will be so important in shaping both American domestic and foreign policy. If Trump triumphs at the polls, the world's most powerful nation could become one where truth and rule of law could lose their meaning. 

Timothy Snyder is a renowned historian, the author of the bestselling book 'Bloodlands' about the Second World War and an expert on Ukraine and Eastern Europe. The Yale University Professor is a native of Ohio, a region where the population has the most significant understanding of what makes brand USA. 

Mr. Snyder gave an exclusive interview with the head of Hromadske TV Nataliya Gumenyuk about Russian interest in the U.S. elections, the manipulation of 'nostalgia voters' and how the U.S. is getting a taste of the Kremlin-style disinformation tactics that Ukrainians have been on the receiving end of for years.