The 'Ceasefire' Near Luhansk. Popasna
4 December, 2014

The town of Popasna in the Luhansk region was shelled. Fifty-seven people were killed - they came from Pervomaisk and were seasoned fighters. His son received minor injuries, a woman - also a refugee from Pervomaisk - had serious injuries and was admitted to hospital in Donetsk, which is 45 kilometers from Popasna. The woman was taken by the only surviving ambulance. In the district hospital, a fast rocket exploded in the garage. All the cars, except for one Ford were burned. The doctors took in patients and wounded to other hospitals. But most of them hid in the hallways in the hospitals with no basements. It also hit few homes and a shell hit a publishing house burning it down, shrapnel also hit a grocery store, a box of tea saving a girl from a flying projectile. Shells also hit a kindergarten, breaking windowns but fortunately the children were not there. Another shell landed on the platform of the railway station. At that time, no one was there. Residents of Popasna who saw the “Grad” missiles say they come from different places. Some believe that they came from neighbouring Pervomaisk separatists, other from the National Guards. The Mayor of Popasna, Yuri Onishchenko said that the shooting was done by an illegal gang that did not obey anyone, even the so called "LNR". All say that the truce is nonsense, referring to the group operating in Pervomaisk, operating by a crime boss.