Canadian Troops Assist Ukraine In Military Transformation
20 March, 2018

When Russian forces invaded the Donbas four years ago, Ukraine's armed forces were unprepared, suffering defeat after defeat in the east of the country. Since then, the Ukrainian military has undergone major reforms.

Part of its transformation has been thanks to Ukraine's foreign allies, such as Canada. The Northern American ally has offered invaluable help in training Ukraine's armed forces as part of the Joint Task Force Ukraine program.

Joint Task Force Ukraine commander Kris Reeves says the country’s military is now unrecognizable.

“It is incredibly more powerful and more capable,” he said.

But Reeves says there is room for improvement.

“Your equipment, some of that needs to be modernized. Your soldiers are paid well, but they probably need to be paid more,” he said.

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“There is also the ability for your military organizations to learn how to fight together either on the East or to train more.”

Hromadske spoke to Reeves, and other Canadian soldiers who have just finished their training rotation in Ukraine, about their experience in the country.

/By Natalie Vikhrov