Becoming Ukrainian | Beyond East and West
3 May, 2020

At different times, people of different ethnic backgrounds consciously became Ukrainians. Like ethnic Russian Maria Vilinska, who became a classic of Ukrainian literature under the pseudonym Marko Vovchok. Like one of the first Ukrainian reporters, a Kharkiv resident with a complex Latvian-Swedish-Norwegian descent, ardent Bolshevik supporter Mike Yohansen, executed by the NKVD in 1937 for "anti-Soviet, nationalist and terrorist activities".

Like Sevastopol-born cinematographer Yaroslav Pilunsky, who settled the issue of national identity  for himself after the Revolution of Dignity and six days of captivity among the militants during the Crimean "referendum".

"Becoming Ukrainian" is the latest in Hromadske's English-language series "Beyond East and West" in partnership with LSE Arena, a programme based at the Institute of Global Affairs, London School of Economics and Political Science. 

"Beyond East and West" is a research project exploring Ukrainians’ connection to and understanding of their nation’s history. As part of this project we are producing a series of videos on history and analysing the response of audiences across Ukraine.