Baykar plans to assemble new unmanned fighter jet in Ukraine
12 August, 2022
Bayraktar Kizilelma drone Selçuk Bayraktar

The Turkish drone manufacturer Baykar plans to build in Ukraine not only a factory for the production of Bayraktar TB2 attack drones but also to assemble Bayraktar Akıncı and Bayraktar Kizilelma — a new unmanned fighter jet — in Ukraine, Haluk Bayraktar, Baykar CEO, said in an interview with Come Back Alive Fund.

Baykar CEO said that he sees Ukraine as a strategic partner, wants to make the country a production base, and has long-term plans for joint projects.

Baykar launched the construction of a factory in Ukraine, a research center, and a center of advanced production, where the company plans to produce all systems. Not just the fuselage, but the electronics, the software.

"We had that vision. In that regard, we have our investment plans moving ahead right now, and so [for] these agreements, we are in the project planning phase. Soon we want to start on the real, physical investment as well," Haluk Bayraktar said.

The CEO said that the company already has a structure and a technical engineering team working to support Ukraine.

“Our wth, that one day in the factory in Ukraine we will be able to build Bayraktar TB2, Bayraktar Akinci, and also the new Bayraktar Kizilema, the unmanned fighter,” Said Haluk Bayraktar.said Haluk Bayraktar.

Bayraktar Kizilelma is a jet supersonic stealthy carrier-capable UAV with a Ukrainian engine, developed by the Turkish defense company Baykar. Its prototype was demonstrated in March 2022.