Azerbaijan President Wins Boycotted Election
12 April, 2018

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Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev has secured a fourth term in power with a landslide victory.

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Azerbaijan’s Central Election Commission (CEC) announced that Ilham Aliyev had 86.3% of the vote this morning with all but 27 ballots counted.

The election was boycotted by major opposition parties, who accused Aliyev, running for the New Azerbaijan party, of authoritarian rule. Foreign authorities also criticized the ruling powers, saying they were suppressing real political opposition.

Election results:
Ilham Aliyev 86.30%
Zahid Oruj 03.11%
Sardar Jalaloghlu 03.03%
Gudrat Hasanguliyev 03.02%
Hafiz Hajiyev 01.52%
Araz Alizadeh 01.38%
Faraj Guliyev 01.17%
Razi Nurullayev 00.74%

In pre-election debates opposition candidates spent varied amounts of their allocated time praising the incumbent. One Presidential candidate, Hafiz Hajiyev, voted Aliyev.

This graphic shows how much of their allocated time each candidate spent praising Aliyev during the pre-election debates. (From the Election Monitoring and Democracy Studies Center).

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Aliyev will rule the country for the next seven years, which authorities say will be "a period of new development.”

Running for his third term 2013, Aliyev made 10 campaign promises in a document called "What we want to do." This video looks at what has been done in the past five years. 

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