Art-Installation Replacing Lenin Statue Vandalized in Kyiv
11 May, 2017

An unknown assailant has destroyed the greenery installation which was temporarily occupying the spot on which the statue of Lenin once stood in Kyiv.

The art platform ‘Izolyatsia’, which organised the spot’s makeover, announced the news on their Facebook page.

IZOLYATSIA. Platform for Cultural Initiatives.

“The spot’s modern-day story, around which the “Social agreement” project is based, began with the ambiguous act of deconstruction. Which is why we also see the destruction of Mexican artist, Isa Carillo’s ‘Ritual of Nature’ a point of discussion”.

The statue of Lenin was pulled down from the plinth on Taras Shevchenko boulevard during the Euromaidan protests. The greenery installation was installed in its place on 3rd May 2017.

The installation ‘Ritual of Nature’, which consists of 100 mint, rosemary and thyme plants, is the work of Mexican artist, Isa Carillo.