Antonivskyi and Kakhovskyi bridges in Kherson Oblast struck once again by Ukrainian army
8 August, 2022

The Armed Forces of Ukraine once again struck the Antonivskyi and Kakhovskyi bridges in Kherson Oblast on the night of August 8, reported Natalya Humenyuk, head of the press center of the Operational Command "South". Both are of strategic importance for the Russian occupying forces.

"Fire control, which we have been holding for several days in this direction, has been materialized, and it has its results. Hits are quite significant both on the Antonivskyi bridge and on the Kakhovskyi bridge," she said.

Humenyuk also indicates that the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the south hit enemy bases with ammunition and destroyed several of them.

"And we are clarifying exactly which of the [work is] ours, as we understand that the resistance movement in the occupied territories is quite powerful," she added.

Strikes on bridges

The Armed Forces hit the bridges, which are necessary for the supply of the Russian military. On the night of July 27, the Armed Forces of Ukraine once again struck the Antonivskyi Bridge, rendering it impossible to use, according to the local authorities.

After the Ukrainian army hit the Antonivskyi bridge, the occupiers completely forbade its use. They announced the opening of the ferry service and the possibility of traveling through the Kakhovska HPP.

As the BBC wrote, blocking this bridge endangered the Kherson garrison of the Russian army even if the dam in Nova Kakhovka remained intact.