Akhmetov to sue Russia over destroyed enterprises in Donbas, including Azovstal
25 May, 2022

Ukrainian oligarch Rinat Akhmetov will demand from Russia compensation for damages and business losses due to Russia's armed aggression against Ukraine, the oligarch said in an interview with NV.Business.

Akhmetov says that after the start of a large-scale Russian invasion, enterprises such as Azovstal, Illich Steel and Iron Works in Mariupol, Avdiivka Coke Plant, Luhansk Thermal Power Station, and other industrial infrastructure and green energy facilities were partially damaged or completely destroyed.

"The capitalization of these facilities before the war was tens of billions of dollars. We will sue Russia and demand adequate compensation for all damages and lost business. We will file lawsuits against all international and national authorities," said the oligarch.

The oligarch noted that the losses of Illich Steel and Iron Works in Mariupol due to the war totaled $17 to 20 billion, but the final amount will be determined in a lawsuit against Russia.

Earlier, the occupation authorities of Mariupol announced their intention to demolish the Azovstal plant, which became a base of resistance for Ukrainian troops during the Russian siege of the city.

Losses Due to War

As of May 19, the total amount of direct documented damage to Ukraine's infrastructure due to destruction during the war reached $ 97.4 billion, or 2.9 trillion hryvnias.

In addition, the total losses to Ukraine's economy due to the war range from $564 to 600 billion. These are both direct and indirect losses: declining GDP, cessation of investment, the outflow of labor, additional spending on defense and social support, etc.