About 2,500 Kadyrovites fought in Ukraine, engaging in searches and torture of civilians — intel
15 May, 2022

About 2,500 militants from Chechnya, the so-called Kadyrovites, took part in the war against Ukraine. Some of them were injured, killed or fled, the Main Intelligence Directorate under the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine reported.

According to intelligence, the "Kadyrovites" began operations on the territory of Ukraine in the first days of the invasion. They were tasked with intimidation and genocide of Ukrainians. They followed in the second echelon of the offensive and engaged in searches, hostage-taking, robbery, and burglary.

After Russian troops began to suffer the first massive losses, the Kadyrovites were ordered to stop retreating units and demonstratively shoot those who refused to fight, intelligence claims.

After the withdrawal of Russian troops from Kyiv and Chernihiv regions, the Chechen militants moved to the Luhansk and Mariupol axes. There, they continued to loot, as well as shoot videos for TikTok.

According to intel, about 100 Kadyrovites were killed, another 300 were injured and more than 60 fled Ukraine.

Ukrainian military intelligence has even published a list of Kadyrovites who took part in the war against Ukraine in March-May 2022.

The Kadyrovites were active on social media, in particular posting videos about the capture of Mariupol, but Ukrainian journalists found out that the militants were, in fact, shooting staged videos.