A Matter of “National Security:” Ukraine’s Presidential Candidates Take Blood Tests
5 April, 2019

Ukrainian presidential candidates Volodymyr Zelenskiy and Petro Poroshenko have both undergone blood tests, after agreeing to a public debate to be held in a public arena and broadcast live to the world.

Comedic actor and businessman Zelenskiy said that it is a matter of “national security” for the commander-in-chief to be sober, while the incumbent president agreed to an analysis.

President Poroshenko gave blood and urine tests in a state-run clinic while his opponent instead opted for the renowned private clinic Eurolab in Kyiv. The government clinic is under Poroshenko’s authority while Eurolab’s owner has expressed support for Zelenskiy.

Results are expected on April 8.

Western experts have called the election an example of “true democracy.”