A Dutch Judge Explained How MH17 Hearings Will Be Conducted
7 March, 2020

On March 9, a district court in the Hague in the Netherlands will begin hearings in the MH17 case, which was downed by Russian militants in the Donbas in 2014. Hromadske spoke to a Dutch press judge to find out the details.

According to the press judge – a role in the Dutch judicial system signifying a judge that does not take part in deliberations, but serves as a press liaison – March 9 will only start with preliminary statements that will clarify and explain the prosecution’s position going forward. The prosecutor will then announce if the case requires further investigation or whether they are ready to prosecute on announced charges.

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Relatives of the MH17 victims will also be able to submit whether or not they will seek financial compensation.

The press judge said it was ‘too early’ to talk about whether the Netherlands will appeal to Russia for assistance in the case, though this is typical practice in international cases. The judge also noted that the evidence currently submitted to the court may not be the final accounting of evidence.

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The court hearings will be open to the public, and a stream will be provided on the official site of the court. The Netherlands has also implemented changes to their legislative norms, allowing part of the hearings to be conducted in English.

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