What Ukraine Should Look Like in 2025
2 March, 2015

For a long period of time, Ukraine's major goal was nation building, but it is time for the focus to shift, said Alexandra Baklanova, an expert with The Nestor Group. Now, the country needs to focus on sustainable development and social modernization.

According to Baklanova, changing the public's perception of corruption is one of the first steps Ukraine must take to move forward. Currently, corruption is a given: people have come to expect it in their daily lives, Baklanova said. This needs to change. Corruption needs to become something inadmissible, not manageable.

The Nestor Group is a research collective that makes recommendations about how to build a better Ukraine. The group recently released a report about their vision for Ukraine in 2025.

Baklanova spoke with Hromadske International's Angelina Kariakina on March 1, 2015 in the Hromadske studio in Kyiv.