Watch Kyiv Activists Troll Russia By Occupying Embassy Land
1 June, 2015

A group of local residents in Kyiv’s Podil district have created a public allotment. Named Samosad – self-made garden – by its founders, it is located on a piece of land officially rented by the Embassy of the Russian Federation. The activists have not asked the Russian Embassy for permission to use the space, instead they have occupied it as squatters.

The square, which used to be populated by local homeless people, now has manicured lawns; flower and vegetable boxes; benches and stools.

"This place is not only a garden with vegetable and flower patches but it is also a venue for any event,” said one of the organizers of Samosad, Olha Zakrevska. “Yesterday we made a small stage for street musicians and today you can come and play. And this is our plan, at least for this summer. We want to make the place useful and enjoyable for people living in Kyiv."

// Anna Perepelytsia. Filmed 05.17.2015.