Untold Stories Of Refugees In Ukraine: Samim
27 December, 2015

Samim is a refugee from Afghanistan who currently lives in Ukraine. Friends call him Sam. He is 19 years old and the owner of a barbershop named “Borodach” in Kyiv. Samim shares his challenging story with us.

He began supporting his family when he was eleven because his father stayed in Kabul, Afghanistan for a while. Samim is a certified programmer and designer in Kyiv but decided to become a hairdresser.

Officially, Samim is still a refugee but hopes to receive Ukrainian citizenship within six months.

“It’s not easy to obtain citizenship in any country. But if you are an adequate person, if the country understands that it will benefit from you, then there is no doubt that you’ll get that citizenship. You won’t need to bribe anybody to get it; everything will be done legally” — Samim says.

Ukraine is a popular transit point for many migrants from Asia and Middle East, who are trying to get to Europe. This report is the first part of the special interview series of Hromadske about refugees and migrants coming to Ukraine.