Ukrainians Offer Free Coffee For Their New Police
26 July, 2015

Coffee shops owners in Kyiv decided to support the new patrol police by offering policemen free coffee, and to make places that have joined the initiative stand out more, two professional advertisers created special stickers to mark them.

New officers are a part of key reform behind the government’s battle against corruption in Ukraine. The patrol force consists of 2000 people and is the first time Ukraine will have female traffic officers. The new Ukrainian police proved very popular with the Ukrainian public, with many onlookers taking photos with them and sharing them online. Social media in Ukraine exploded with enthusiasm over the reform's launch.

The thing is though, that police instructors forbid their subordinates from using this kind of bonuses, nevertheless Kyiv coffee shops continue to come up with more cop-friendly offers.

// Video by Andrii Bashtovyi and Ruslan Khavriuta. Filmed in July, 2015.