Ukraine’s Grey Zone: The Coal Of War
26 September, 2016

Since this summer, the miners of the “Kurakhivska” mine (located in Krasnoarmmisk, region of Donetsk coal basin)haven’t received their salaries. The mine belongs to the state-owned “Selydivvugillya” company. The locals call Hirnyk village the Bermuda Triangle. It’s close to Mariinka and Krasnohorivka (Donetsk region), where regular hostilities take place. Working at the mine is the only way to feed a family. There is no other work here.


At first, the conditions were quite good. Now miners must sustain themselves; they are forced to buy uniforms and equipment with their own money.


“The Grey Zone” – Hromadske’s special project using reports to explain the consequences of the war in Donbas and its influence on people.