Ukraine, Trolling, and the Twitter War
30 November, 2014

The Phenomenon Of Trolling In The Russia-Ukraine Conflict, Explained.

The Troll Army in all its glory.

What You Need to Know:

✓ Trolling is not new to the ancient art of diplomacy, especially in Ukraine;

✓Social media, once reserved for challenging regimes, is now used by national governments for great effect;

✓Russia has long used trolling as a strategy to gain an advantage in the information space, allegedly funding a “troll army” of commentators;

✓What started as low-level trolling between the diplomatic twitter feeds of Russia and the West, has greatly escalated;

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Ukraine, Trolling, and the Twitter War

by Chris DunnettHromadske International

produced by Maxim EristaviRandy R. Potts