What Do Ukrainians Say About Amnesty For Separatists
12 October, 2015

What You Need To Know:

✅ Citizens generally believe that amnesty cannot be granted, but that reconciliation and reintegration is a must;
✅ "Anyone who took up weapons and had active action in the conflict must be punished." says one man in Kyiv;
✅ Another man believes amnesty is possible if it is the solution to the conflict;
✅ Others simply want people to live, instead of dying in this war.

Hromadske International interviewed people on the streets in Kyiv to get their thoughts on the proposal to grant amnesty to the members of the DNR.
The overwhelming response from people in Kyiv was that they wanted to see reconciliation and reintegration take place, but that it would be difficult or impossible to grant amnesty to the members of the DNR for this conflict.