Ukraine Needs New Constitution Before Moving Forward — Gerard Roland
11 May, 2015

The constitutional reform is vital for progressive changes in Ukraine, says Gerard Roland, a Belgian economist and a professor of economics and political science at the University of California, Berkeley.

“The only solution is to have a big constitutional change in Ukraine. Only then reforms will be able to function very well,” Roland points out. In his opinion, it is crucial for Ukraine to establish strict separation of powers between government branches and start a very large decentralization process empowering the Ukrainians in provinces.

According to Roland, despite Russian president Putin trying to do everything possible to destabilize young Ukrainian democracy, a number of post-revolutionary elections proved that the country is moving in right direction. “Every new election in Ukraine is a defeat for Putin”, Gerard Roland says.

Maxim Eristavi spoke to Gerard Roland during ‘Ukraine: Escaping The Soviet Legacy’, an international conference held on April 25th - 26th in Kyiv.